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At 3:45pm on June 11, 2012, Deb Bliss said…

I don't know if this is the right place to ask this question but if its not, maybe you can direct me to the correct place.  I made 100 blocks in the Log Cabin design.  My logs are 1" and there are 13 logs in each and the logs are each a different color material.  One side is beigh's and the other is multi country colors (greens, blues, cranberry).  I have it sewn together right now in 3 sections because I want to quilt as I go.  Its in the barn raising pattern.  I want to quilt it myself on my designer I husqvarna machine.  But I am stumped as to how to do it.  I don't want to go around each and every block and I don't want to stitch in  the ditch. Do you have any suggestions?  Thank you very much....Deb Bliss.

At 9:08am on June 6, 2012, Shannon, ON said…

When will the new Maple line be released? I want to place a big sale order but also want one of the Maple prints. (it shows up in the kits).

As I am in Canada it is much better for me to order a bunch of stuff together.


At 9:22am on April 4, 2012, Shannon, ON said…

Just noticed that the Matsuri is a wider width!

Tranquil stream--trying to visualize which way the stripe runs...also is the light  silver ice actually a pale aqua? I am new to quilt jargon--do the stripes run vertically for 52"....trying to determine yardage LOL.

(btw the last poster is very rude.)

This would be such beautiful bedroom curtains in my room!

At 3:59pm on March 14, 2012, Carmelita Chongway said…

I did not get to see or get the First month of Ann's Perfect Points Quilt Along.  How can I get the first block patterns.


Thank you,

Carmelita Chongway

At 6:43am on February 28, 2012, Michelle K said…

Can you e-mail me so I can ask you a question about a participant.  Thanks

At 10:36am on February 20, 2012, betweens said…

Thanks for commenting so quickly...it wasn`t a Facebook link I am not crazy about facebook anyways it was when you went to the persons page at the top you can see what they typed at the top of their page a thought of the day. I remember we had it on our own page but it was a while ago...

The first question about the staff and what the positions were was just a curiosity, nothing to complain about but just to see the people and what their departments were or what they did at CT.

At 2:05am on February 18, 2012, betweens said…

Good Morning admin 2 questions, just wondered when you put the cursor over your staff pictures is says their names but not what their positions are, is this possible?

and one more what happened to the thought of the day link at the top? I remember we used to post like a facebook think your thought of that day but I don`t see that anymore

Thanks in advance...have a great weekend.

At 5:57am on January 26, 2012, Linda Weatherford said…

Do think you wil ever carry Hobbs Tuscany Washable Wool Batting.  This is THE BEST batting for hand quiting and also for machine quilting if you want a high loft and warm quilt.  It is so light  - it make wonderful batting for lap quilts.  It is hard for me to find this batting.

Linda in KY

At 8:53pm on October 11, 2011, Gayle/La. said…
Jenna I wish you would do a magic number on the photos on my page.  I just want to be able to see the 100 photos that I used to see when I would go to my page.  I can now see 2 or 3 squares that is all.  I am not very computer smart but I love these people on this site as though I knew each and everyone of them personally.  HELP!!!
At 6:23am on July 23, 2011, Carol Vickers/OH said…
OH Quilters are still having difficulties with the icons missing from the comment block on our group page.  .  Could this be the browser they are using?  Suggestions please.  Thanks!!!
At 5:40am on July 13, 2011, Carol Vickers/OH said…

Hi ladies, need some help.  A few of the OH Quilters have mentioned in our group that when they type a comment, there are no longer icons across the top of the box allowing them to post a picture, etc.  Mine looks fine but theirs is missing.  Any suggestions?  Thanks!


At 6:24pm on July 5, 2011, Linnie/TX said…

I tried to leave a comment about the Pine Grove table cover and when I submitted it it came back as not having a correct email. I tried it a couple of time and it came back the same. Can you help me?



At 10:42am on July 5, 2011, Janice Aitkens said…

Thanks i found that you don't right click i go up to the top & it says extract files as i am on windows 7 i guess this is the way they do it so i have now downloaded & open files thank you

Hugs Janice

At 8:30am on July 2, 2011, Janice Aitkens said…

I tried to download a freebie fabric collection it downloaded but when i try to right click on it it just comes up with Open, Cut, Copy, Delete, Properties

If i click Open it just comes up Windows can't open this file

I do download from EQ's Library so i have downloaded before but not from your site

Hugs Janice

At 7:43am on July 1, 2011, Debbie Snyder/WA said…
I just posted a problem I'm having and then I email BJ to get help. She said she pulled up my page and it looks fine. Now, I cant view my photos until I click on view photos. Don't they normally run as a slide show? I have the compatability view settings set so that's not it. Also cant receive photos from iPhone either. Do you have any suggestions that I can do to show my text and photo task bar.
At 8:12am on June 10, 2011, B J Elder/WA said…
Is Cristina a legit person on here. She seems to only be doing some sort of movie reviews - nothing quilty at all.  Seems more like a spammer.
At 2:11pm on May 14, 2011, Vicki Olmstead said…

I am a member of the Where I Sew group.  It indicates that the last activity was May 4, however, the most recent posts I see are from November, 2010.  Can you tell me how to get this updated? 


I have asked this question twice before and got an answer the second time, but I don't think the person understood as her answer didn't make any sense.  Can you help?  When I originally posted the problem I went to the end of the page and clicked on Report an Issue, maybe I should have come here first.  Thank you, Vicki/NY

At 5:43pm on May 5, 2011, Sonya Guarisco said…

CT Admin I just received this email yesterday and was wondering if they belong to you???? I copied and pasted the email that I received.......

LoveNelly added a comment to your profile on Quilt With Us

Hello, my name is Nelly, i came across your profile now on this Comment Site . So I decided to stop by an let you know that I really want to have a good friendship with you. Beside i have something special i want to discuses with you, but I find it difficult to express myself here, since it's a public site. I will be very happy, If you can get back to me, through my e-mail. nelly-hassan@live.com So we can get to know each other better,and i well give you my pictures and also tell you more about me OK, you can contact me through my e-mail id Is, nelly-hassan@live.com

To view the full comment, visit:

To reply to the comment, visit:

At 3:51pm on April 19, 2011, Kit Brenner/TX said…
There is more spam being posted on the Around the Quilt Frame page from someone called apple0619. You might want to take a look at it.
At 4:00am on April 7, 2011, Lynne said…
2 more spams this morning,,,

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